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Down a Garden Path

To Places of Love and Joy

As you stroll Down A Garden Path you will be encouraged to pause along the way to let God
till the soil of your heart, plant a few seeds of faith, yield to a bit of divine pruning,
and simply sit still and enjoy the presence of the Lord.

Whether you are an avid gardener, a casual cultivator, or one who simply enjoys the beauty and bounty
of a garden well-tended, you will enjoy the delightfully fragrant walk through this very special garden.
From the first pages of the Bible through to the last, we find God portrayed as the Master Gardener.
It is my hope that in the pages of this book you will discover Him, in a very personal and intimate way,
as the Master Gardener of your own heart and life. You will be encouraged to do some digging and plant
some seeds, do some weeding and be watered.
But please... don't forget to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Garden Pavilion

No one is exempt from times of trouble. But as you face the storms of life, you can always stand confident that
Jesus wants you to come to Him. He wants to shelter you in the pavilion of his tender care.
There are not two chairs in this pavilion, but a loveseat where Jesus wants to sit with you and embrace you with the strength
of His love and protection. When you come into His presence and share your deepest burdens with Him,
He will lift them from you and give you rest and peace.
The Holy Spirit, shown here as a dove, comes to bring comfort, encouragement, and hope.
Let this pavilion be a place to draw away with God,
to worship Him, to hear His voice,
to trust Him as your very Best Friend.

Garden Glory

Down a Garden Path includes several journal pages as well as a few surprises including a couple of seed packets
filled with the seed of God's Word. This is a great gift not only for your gardening friends and family but for anyone
who delights in the beauty of nature and is seeking for answers along the path of their own life.